Are Free Online Courses Worth Your Time?

There are a huge number of free online courses available to all of us online. During Lockdown it is very tempting to start one of these, both to pass the time and to try to upskill or retrain. We take a quick look at whether or not any of these are actually worth your time in a professional sense.

While you won’t find officially accredited courses for free anywhere, doing a free online course can be a great career move. They can teach you the discipline required to learn from home. They will also teach the learner something about a broader topic that they may decide to engage further with after completing the free course.

Generally speaking, a free course will only be for a number of hours and will be very flexible. Learners can do them in their own time and at their own pace. A 16-hour course could be taken in one day or over the course of 16 weeks if the student prefers to do one hour per week.

There is no way any employer would ever look negatively at them. It will always look good on a CV and will demonstrate an eagerness to learn. It will also show that the person has initiative and a willingness to work by themselves.

It can be a gateway to further education. It may teach a person that they actually want to go back to or further their education in a specific topic. They can give a great grounding for a number of different topics.

The short answer here is they are always a good idea if you have the time. They do not cost you any money, so it cant hurt you to try them out. It is a great way to get to know a subject better before paying for a diploma or degree course. It is also a very worthwhile way to spend any spare time you might have due to lockdown. It is also a good way to find out whether or not studying and embarking on further education is the right move for you.

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