BCS Recruitment’s Bronagh Cotter returns to sponsor Virtual Recruitment Expo on Saturday, 21st November

Virtual Recruitment Expo returns to your screens this November 21st. This free online jobs fair is organised and sponsored by BCS Recruitment’s Bronagh Cotter.

In this article we take a look at how Managing Director Bronagh Cotter has found ways to innovate and adapt in order to continue running Ireland’s leading jobs and recruitment fairs.

The award-winning Jobs Expo runs Ireland’s leading jobs and recruitment fairs. Managing Director Bronagh Cotter takes pride in putting skilled professionals directly in contact with leading employers from Ireland and abroad.

Bronagh is the founder of the highly successful BCS Recruitment, specialist recruitment consultancy and event organiser and took over Jobs Expo seven years ago. With more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Bronagh has grown Jobs Expo from strength to strength, so much so that it now leads the way as Ireland’s #1 platform for recruitment.

Under Bronagh’s leadership and guidance, Jobs Expo has welcomed more than 80,000 jobseekers to its various exhibitions where they are able to meet recruiters (both Irish and international) and attend Jobs Expo’s Career Clinic and a wide range of exciting seminars, presented by industry professionals.

This year, recruitment has been significantly affected as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic that has swept across the globe. Innovation and adaptability have been the guiding principles taken by Bronagh and her team in order to tackle the challenges the industry has faced.

Jobs Expo continues to find ways to innovate and adapt and has taken a proactive response strategy towards the current climate. Responsible for driving the company’s vision, Bronagh has developed a platform called Virtual Recruitment to assist all her loyal clients during Covid. The platform demonstrates an incredible level of innovation and creative imagination to ensure that Jobs Expo can continue to deliver the highest quality of recruitment fairs the industry has come to expect.

How it works:

All clients get a virtual booth and will get to live chat with and collect CVs from up to 3000 candidates.

Recruiters will upload their jobs and candidates can apply directly to the company before the event and up to one month after this event.

In this way, Virtual Recruitment Expo will benefit job seekers, by connecting them directly with employers with real job vacancies and also benefit job providers, by reducing administrative burden and investment in time and resources, making the recruitment process far more efficient.

Bronagh is passionate about bringing the top companies and the best candidates together during Covid and empowering individuals to explore an array of career opportunities and find jobs all over the country during these challenging times. For companies, such an innovative way to hire staff is the perfect way to promote the company, chat with skilled candidates seeking new career opportunities, make high-quality connections and disseminate detailed information.

The biggest journeys often start with the smallest steps and Virtual Recruitment Expo can be an employer’s step to successful recruiting and an individual’s step to a successful career.


Email Bronagh Cotter at bronagh@recruit.ie for information.



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