Calling all engineers! Nikon Precision Europe will be chatting with candidates and collecting CVs on 7th April

We’re excited to announce that Nikon Precision Europe are returning to exhibit at our next Virtual Recruitment Expo on Thursday, 7th April. This virtual jobs fair will be live and online between 10am and 4pm and will be dedicated to the manufacturing and engineering sector. Furthermore, Nikon will be delivering their webinar, Careers in the Semiconductor Industry, with Nikon Precision Europe, on our Agenda Stage. Don’t forget to register to get FREE ACCESS to all exhibitor booths and live webinars.

About Nikon

Established in 1917, Nikon Corporation is one of the world’s leading optical companies. With decades of experience as a manufacturer of optical lenses and precision equipment, Nikon developed the world’s first production-worthy step-and-repeat photolithography tool in 1980. Since then, over 60 models of Nikon Semiconductor Lithography systems (steppers and scanners) have printed half of all the integrated circuits ever manufactured.

Today, Nikon is the leading global supplier of Semiconductor lithography systems. It is real-world, on-product performance that is vital to chipmakers. The latest Nikon scanner NSR-S635E is the industry’s most advanced scanner for aggressive multiple patterning processes. It ensures world-class device patterning and optimum fab productivity to fully satisfy real-world 5 nm node requirements.

Nikon Precision Europe GmbH is the organisation supporting the latest Nikon Scanners for its European customers. We provide Service to our customers during all the lifecycle of the Scanner. Whether it is during Installation, Wafer Production Ramp-Up or in a Sustaining Production Environment, our team provide Expert Analysis and Solutions to enable optimal usage around the clock of the Capital equipment in the customer factory.

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