Eager to get your CV evaluated or some new interview tips? Or maybe you’re considering making a career change and are looking for some direction. Virtual Recruitment Expo will have a diverse line-up of Career Coaches, who’ll be lending their expertise and services for FREE throughout the day.

Artem Petsyukha

Artem will be logged into the Virtual Expo at his AP.Coach stall. He is a business mentor and a professional coach. He works with artists, executives and entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers, who want to be more efficient, fulfilled and happy, who want to change the world and embrace the change, who stay open and keep searching.


Hanna Walter 

Hanna is a certified Career and Business Coach. She is the founder of her “Inspiring Coaching” business and an event organizer of “My Business My Success” in Ireland for the Polish Community.Her focus and mission is helping people discover their true potential. She offers advice that individuals can use to develop themselves and their career path.


Aisling Healy

Aisling has worked for many years in Recruitment & Human Resources. She graduated from University with an Honours Bachelors Degree specialising in Human Resources and became a member of the CIPD. She started her career working in a recruitment agency, moved into an in house recruitment role in an IT company and began training in HR.


Thomas McCormack

Coming from a successful career in marketing and promotion in his early and mid twenties, Thomas left an illusion of “success”, safety and security for a career that complimented who he was. Thomas aka the Millennial Coach guides people from uncertainty to clarity with confidence in areas of life, career and business.


Oksana Afonina

Oksana is an accredited business and career coach with a decade of experience in the tech and gaming industries. She has spent the majority of her career in consulting and leadership roles in companies such as Google, Facebook and AppLovin.



Charlie Mernagh

Charlie brings a wealth of experience from various industries enabling him to understand what jobseekers and employers require for improving their performance. He has worked with clients from different sectors such as hospitality, motor, higher education, engineering, science, financial, food and drinks, building, and many others from the small and medium to the multinational and public sector.


Maite Lopez

Maite is a qualified personal and business coach and has been coaching for the last 10 years. In addition, she is currently working as a relocation coach for REA and as a business mentor for the Entrepreneurs Academy. Being a multipotentialite, she also runs a publishing and design business with her partner, called At it Again!, and works as a freelance translator.


Keith Coburn

Keith Coburn is a qualified and registered Guidance Counsellor with the I.G.C. (Institute of Guidance Counsellors). He has worked since 2008 helping individuals to achieve their goals, both employment and training/education wise. Keith holds a Masters in Guidance Counselling through D.C.U., along with other qualifications in Human Resource Management, Employment Law and Adult Education