Coping With Working Online

In the current climate, most people are working from home. This can easily take its toll on your mental health. Here we take a look at a few things that might help you keep your mental health in check while working from home.

Keep It Routine

It is important to keep your workday structured in a similar way to how it would have been whilst actually in an office or on the premises. This will help you to switch formwork to home life at the end of your workday.

Begin On-Time Finish On-Time

It is easy to overwork when you are working from home. It is important to strictly govern yourself in terms of time spent at work. Begin at your usual work time and also make sure to end at your usual work time too.

Create  A Work Space

Creating a specific workspace can help you to mentally check-in and out of work whilst you are working from the home. It is also important to remember to leave that workspace at the end of each day and not utilise it for any other purpose.

Keep In Touch With Colleagues

If you are in a situation where you don’t need to consistently check in with colleagues, you should do it anyway. Part of the struggles people face during the lockdown and working from home are got to do with feelings of isolation. Keeping in touch with your colleagues should help with these issues.

Try A Digital Detox

After you finish work hours, back away from your screens. At least for a few hours. This will help you mentally separate yourself from the online world and reconnect with the real one.

It is a tough time out there for everyone at the moment. It is important to try to maintain a healthy work and home life balance and keep an eye on your mental health.

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