Developing a Mindset to Overcome Anxiety & Stress

Are you trying to figure our what direction you want to take on your career journey? Are you eager to evaluate yourself and your skills and see where you can improve? Life Coach, Dolores Andrew will be giving her webinar, Developing a Mindset to Overcome Anxiety & Stress, on the Agenda Stage at 2pm. This virtual career fair will be live from 10am until 4pm this Noveber 25th on the Recruit,ie platform. You can now register for FREE ADMISSION here.

About Dolores Andrew

Dolores Andrew is a 2021 All-Star Accredited Lifestyle Leader in Holistic Life Coaching.

Her personal coaching sessions and Corporate Training Wellness programmes are tailored to her client’s unique requirements.

Dolores’ expertise is in supporting people break through their personal barriers and reach their full potential whatever that means to them.  She supports them to reassess their values; effectively navigate their emotions and live their lives in alignment with their authentic selves.

She has also published 2 children’s books and has developed a Children’s Empowerment Programme to support children navigate their emotions.

You can find more details about Dolores and her services on her website here.

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