Discover a great career in IT at 888spectate this summer

We’re very excited to have the innovative and dynamic 888spectate exhibit at our Tech Careers Expo this summer. If you’re searching for a new job in tech you can chat with the 888 recruitment team at their virtual booth on 15th July. Register today to get FREE ACCESS to all exhibitor booths, live webinars and Google Digital Garage.

About 888spectate

888 have been on the forefront of the Online Gaming Industry since 1998. They’re now over 1800 people in 7 countries. Sports is the fastest growing online channel and at 888spectate they are building one of the most innovative Sports Betting Platform. A very talented team of Architects, Developers, QAs, Technical Operations and Support collaborate in a dynamic environment to support hundreds of sporting events happening worldwide in realtime. Working on thousands of constantly changing odds and thousands of customer interactions their platform has to be robust, fast and innovative.

888 Technology

The 888 system is built on Python. They use different frameworks such as Flask, Tornado & Twisted and different approach & strategy to interconnect thousands of applications to fulfil their requirements. Working on an architecture which is hybrid Microservices, they have strict realtime requirements which makes everything complex and challenging, which in turn makes it super fun and interesting.

Furthermore, they work in a truly agile environment working in scrum teams which delivers software in 2 weeks sprints. As an active member of the scrum team everybody’s opinion matters. From high level requirements and guidance you are expected to express your creativity and problem solving skills in order to deliver in fast paced, cross functional, agile teams.

They are 8sters

888 are part of a Global company, but they’re small enough to be noticed and make a difference. The company demonstrates a non-hierarchical structure and welcome ideas to improve their product and efficiency. They truly believe in the 8sters and their capability. 8sters are encouraged to learn from each other. Additionally, 888 provide mentoring and arrange training courses when needed with their inhouse Learning and Development platform Juno. The online gaming space is very dynamic, new roles are being created constantly and 8sters are encouraged to make their career move internally to other functions or departments. Furthermore, the family friendly career support mindset allows employees to realise their ambitions while still enjoying a good quality of life.

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To become the #Ultimate8ster apply for your dream job at 888spectate right here.

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