Employers: What is a Virtual Recruitment Fair?

A virtual career fair, or virtual recruitment event, is a virtual event that allows employers to connect with job seekers in a virtual environment, rather than a physical one.

Attending a career fair can be daunting for any job seeker, however, virtual career fairs are transforming the way in which job seekers and potential employers interact. Using interactive features such as webinar presentations, webcasts, live chat, chat rooms and more, virtual career fairs are breaking down geographical barriers and extending their reach.

Virtual job fairs offer job seekers the freedom and flexibility to interact directly with potential employers, so they can make more informed career decisions – all that’s needed to attend is a computer or mobile device with a good internet connection.

Why Choose a Virtual Career Fair?

  • Minimize outgoings, like venue and equipment hire, catering and more
  • Jobs receive more applications when paired with video content, so companies can attract more job applicants in a virtual environment
  • Eliminate the burden of travel – making it more environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and accessible to those who don’t live in the area of your venue
  • Extend your global reach, so that local, regional and international applicants can attend
  • People are often more likely to speak to a person in a virtual booth, so increase engagement between companies and job applicants
  • Many people are more likely to ask a question at a virtual event, so facilitate increased direct interactions between employers and attendees
  • Easily measure the success of your virtual career fair with live analytics and reporting

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