Face To Face Interview In Times Of Covid

Have you have secured yourself an interview post lockdown and the company would like to see you face to face? If so it would be understandable if you were a bit nervous about this situation. Interviews are nerve-racking experiences anyway. At the moment even more so! Here we offer some advice on Interviewing during times of Covid.

Wear A Mask

You should wear a mask for your interview. This is for everyone’s protection. You do not know who may or may not be in a high-risk category just by their appearance. So make sure you wear a mask at all times during your interview process.

Hand Sanitizer

Make sure you have hand sanitiser with you. Use it whenever you feel it is necessary. Do not feel uncomfortable about using it. If it makes you more comfortable then do it.

Bring Anti-Bac Wipes

The same goes for antibacterial wipes. If you would feel more comfortable wiping down chairs and surfaces before you use them then do it. No employer would hold this against you and would appreciate you being so conscientious.

Keep Your Distance

Make sure you adhere to social distancing rules. If you are in a waiting room, make sure you sit well away from anyone else,  including the receptionist/door person.

Do Not Shake Their Hand

Remember not to go in for a handshake. This is probably something that will go against the grain for you during an interview. However, it is really important to keep physical contact to a minimum.

Following these simple rules should make you feel more comfortable and confident when attending your interview. They will also put your interviewer at ease and make the whole thing run that bit more smoothly.

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