How ‘The Matrix’ Movies Can Inspire Engineers To Think Better In The Future

Virtual Recruitment Expo returns on Thursday, 30th September. In addition to recruiters exhibiting at our online jobs fair this autumn, we will be running a series on webinars from 10am to 4pm. Think4Purpose founder, Fiona Fennell, will be giving her live presentation, How ‘The Matrix’ Movies can Inspire Engineers to Think Better in the Future, at noon on our Agenda Stage. You can register for FREE ADMISSION for this online event right here.

About Fiona

Fiona offers Career and Performance Coaching to STEM professionals and those working in highly-regulated sectors. She is an Organisational Behaviourist with a Masters’ Degree in Innovation from the National Centre for Quality Management, the University of Limerick.She helps people to learn not what but how to think in order to work confidently and manage risk effectively, particularly in the face of uncertainty. Fiona applies ideas from systems theory, neurobiology and cognitive science to help teams solve complex problems and individuals achieve resilient careers.

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T4P Career Essentials Programme

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