How to find success at a virtual careers fair

Virtual events are the zeitgeist of the day as our family, friends, colleagues and entertainers are all now talking heads upon on phone, laptop and tablet screens. Recruiters are no different. They still need to communicate with clients and due to the recent rise in unemployment, people are in search of new careers. Due to the ongoing social distancing effect, large physical events are at a standstill until after the summer at least. Albeit, it must be business as usual for many and new virtual platforms can help us all adapt.

There are many benefits in attending an online jobs fair. It’s not time consuming. It cuts any costs for travel, food and printing. Furthermore, you don’t have to stand around on your feet for hours in big crowds. All you need is internet connection, computer/phone and a digital copy of your CV and you’re good to go. Sit back in the comfort of your home and log in.

However, you’re not home-free yet. You just don’t want to attend, you want to excel at the event, impress recruiters and find a career best suited for you. Here’s a couple of helpful tips from recruiters for finding success at virtual career fairs.

Make sure you online profile is up to date

When you attend a virtual career fair your will most likely be using an event platform. It will be your responsibility to build up your profile in accordance with your experience. This will be matched against the requirements of participating companies.

The more content you have the better chances you have of attracting recruiters. Once you make contact with recruiters, they will be able to see your public profile and might ask you questions about it.

Edit your profile according to the companies and roles you’re interested in. You’re selling your experience so you’ll want to highlight the items you think will impress recruiters the most.

Do your research before the event

Time is of the essence at these recruitment fairs and it’s best to use it wisely when chatting with  recruiters. By researching a bit about the company and its roles you can use your time more efficiently. To make most of your time on the actual day, it’s recommended you review the companies before-hand and choose 3 or 4 that you really want to talk to. Furthermore, recruiters will be more impressed with those who make their job easier and prove that they are willing to pull their weight and have drive to do research.

Practice your pitch

Make no mistake, you are there to sell yourself. If you are truly determined to secure a new job it is essential that you mock interview yourself a few times before the event. Give yourself a short, direct and concise introduction for each company you want to talk to. Some experience might have to be tailored depending on the work they do, but your overall introduction of yourself will remain the same.

Prepare your questions

Recruiters want to see that candidates are thorough and not afraid to ask questions. The more you ask questions, the more you can steer the course of the conversation.

Construct well-researched questions will not only peak interest from potential employers, but will also inform you with all details you’ll need. Don’t be too cool to take notes. Write down everything that you think is intrinsic to your job search.

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