Job Hunting In The Covid Era

If you are looking for a new job at the moment, the prospect of job hunting online could be an intimidating thought. Many companies are moving to hire solely online and via online means. Here we break down what it’s like to job hunt during the covid era.

Broaden Your Horizons

During this time in our lives, it is important to keep an open mind during your job search. Consider jobs that you wouldn’t necessarily have considered before the pandemic.

Lively Up Your LinkedIn

It is definitely worth giving your LinkedIn a reboot. Employers are checking websites as often as you are and it could be a great way to connect, network and even find a job.

Tailor Your Applications

Don’t just have a generic CV and Cover Letter that you blast off to every employer. Spend the time to tailor them to each job you are applying for. It will showcase your initiative and attentiveness to your potential employers, and give a great first impression.

Be Diligent

Spend as much time applying for work as you would working. Remember, at the moment, the job market is overcrowded with candidates. You need to be diligent to ensure you secure that job.

Prepare For Online Interviews

Be prepared for conducting only online or telephone interviews. It is a unique time in our lives and most employers have taken to conducting solely online or telephone interview processes. This can be an adjustment for a lot of people but it is necessary to get your head around the change.

Prepare For Remote Working

On that note, prepare yourself to work from home. This can be a challenge to a lot of people as it can be difficult to separate home from work life when your bedroom or living room also doubles as your office. However, as the world moves forward through the pandemic more and more companies are edging toward a solely remote work environment so it is something that would be worthwhile getting your head around.



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