Live chat with the Millennial Coach, Thomas McCormack, at the Virtual Recruitment Expo on 27th August

On Thursday, 27th August, Virtual Recruitment Expo will be live from 3pm. In addition to a diverse line up of companies looking to recruit there will also be Career Coaches offering professional guidance to jobseekers throughout the online event.

Keep an eye out for the Millennial Coach, Thomas McCormack, who’ll be available for FREE counsel during the event. To find out more about Virtual Recruitment Expo sign-up and create you account today.

About Thomas McCormack

Coming from a successful career in marketing and promotion in his early and mid twenties, Thomas left an illusion of “success”, safety and security for a career that complimented who he was and took the unconventional path to create a business that aligned with his personal and professional definition of “success”. Thomas coaches people from uncertainty to clarity with confidence in areas of life, career and business.

Furthermore, Thomas will be delivering his Live Presentation, A Kinder, Gentler, Philosophy of Success, at 3:30pm. Log in for the Live Q&A and many more on August 27th.

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