Liven Up Your LinkedIn!

More and more often, employers are turning to LinkedIn to find potential employees. Many of us have let our profiles fall into disarray and not kept it up to date. Here are some tips to boost your LinkedIn profile.

Your Online CV

Treat LinkedIn like your online CV. Try to keep it as up to date as you do your CV.

Sell Yourself

Use your description to really sell yourself. List your skills, achievements and goals.

Professional Photo

Reconsider your profile picture. Does it give the best impression of you? Make sure it is a head and shoulders shot where you can see your face clearly.

Add A Cover Photo

Add a cover photo that has something to do with your area of expertise to add a hint of professionalism to your profile.

Customise Your URL

Make sure to try to customise your LinkedIn URL to something that is as close to your name as is possible.

Choose Your Skills Wisely

LinkedIn allows you to add 50 skills. Make sure you have the most relevant to the area of employment you are interested in.

Make It Public

Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is the one you want to be set to public.

Accept All Connections

Again, unlike your other social media, you should accept all connection requests on LinkedIn. You never know where they might lead.

Keep It Positive

Keep your content positive and upbeat and on point. Make sure your engagements are relevant and on-brand.


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