Lock Down, Skill Up!

While we are all in a forced lockdown situation, it might be a good time to consider reskilling, or upskilling for a new role or to gain employment in a new career.

There are many reasons to do this. Not only is it a great idea to perhaps further your career but it is also a great idea to keep your mind occupied during this very trying time.

Embarking on a course or some form of upskilling activity can add a structure and purpose to your day. This is of vital importance at the moment when each day seems to roll into one.

It is also a strategic move. While many people will get their jobs back once this is all over, many people, unfortunately, won’t. That is why considering upskilling to make yourself more employable at the end of all of this could be a great idea. The job market is already very competitive and will only get more so once we are all out of this situation. giving yourself any kind of edge over your competitors can only be a positive thing.

It is also impossible to be too highly skilled. It might be that you want to do it for your job but it also might be something you want to do just for yourself. This is also a very good thing to do. Keeping yourself busy and mentally in tune will only benefit you in the long run and have a positive impact on your work life.

It might also be a great time to gain that skill you have always wanted to have but have never had the time to do. If you have always dreamed of moving from front desk reception to say medical secretary maybe now would be the perfect time to take that course and change your career path.

whatever your reason for wanting to improve on your existing skills or to get new ones, knowledge is never a negative thing and the process of self-improvement will always look good to current or future employers.

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