Make the leap to Virtual: Six reasons to attend an online careers fair


1/ The Platforms Guide You

There’s now a variety of virtual career fairs to choose from. Some broad, some more specific. There could be an event that’s tailored to your current industry. Or you might be looking for a complete career move and seeking something more eclectic range of opportunities. The beauty about online jobs fairs is that there is a wide option of features and you can find them at a click of a button.

With most virtual career fairs you will be matched with the most relevant companies depending on the information you give and prospects you have when signing up.

When it comes to actually making contact with employers, virtual career fairs help guide you in the right direction.

Furthermore, you can research companies before the event goes live in order to learn more about their organisation and jobs.

Expanding on your profile before the live event allows you to sell yourself better on the big day and encourage employers to search and talk with you.


2/ Log in from wherever you are

As long as you have a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and a stable internet connection you can attend the virtual event from anywhere.

This saves time and money for both parties and allows you to concentrate on the basics, which is talking to employers, applying for jobs and getting career advice.

In addition, you can remain calm and attend from the comfort of you own home and can return to the platform in order to review your conversation with recruiters. Likewise, recruiters can review conversations and have your CV directly on file.


3/ Preparation and Research

Online career fairs make it easier for jobseekers to learn more about employers and types of roles they’re looking to fill beforehand.

Attendees can view and apply for roles before the event even goes live, allowing you time to become acquainted with their team and getting up to speed on the company and it’s career opportunities.

With all this prep and knowledge you won’t lose time small talking with recruiters, which will give you more time to browse the event and find more opportunities.


4/ Network with no distractions

Some people may find physical events to be overwhelming if too busy or too loud. While virtual fairs allow you to network more fluidly and practically with recruiters.

Conversations online are less about personal chemistry and are more focused on your skills, experience and achievements – and about what questions you ask and how you talk about yourself.

As it’s online, your name (more so than your face) is likely to be remembered more readily at virtual career fairs, and your profile can be marked out by a company for future opportunities.


5/ Get more precise answers

At a busy physical event there is so much information a recruiter can give a candidate in the hustle and bustle environment. Where at an online event if they don’t have all the information at that very moment, they can send you a link ASAP. You’ll also be swiveling in your chair rather than standing in a crowd. You can move onto the next company and then find a nice friendly notification with further information in your inbox.

This allows you to take advantage of your time and enables you to make informed choices about which opportunities to pursue.


6/ Log off with a new job

Virtual career fairs aren’t new, but they sure have become more prevalent since COVID-19. The time, money and health saved is a bonus, but at the end of the day you are venturing into new territory. Similar to that of a new career. Virtual events could be the way of the future regardless of a pandemic and it’s essential not to get left behind.


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