A Career at Ornua

At Ornua the co-operative ethos is at the heart of how they do business; they believe in making their customers and members successful through an engaged and skilled global workforce.

At Ornua they Grow Together by investing in the development of their people and providing great people leadership for all. They Achieve Together through valuing collaboration, innovation and diversity and by empowering our people to make decisions.  And lastly, they Belong Together by staying true to their co-operative roots, valuing each other’s individual differences and remaining humble in their interactions with each other and their customers.

Grow Together

At Ornua, investment in their people is essential. Through the Ornua Academy, trainers provide professional and technical learning interventions for employees at all levels of the organisation. Furthermore, they foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement to enable you to advance your career at home or abroad.

They understand that your leadership experience is critical to your success at Ornua. Therefore, they provide new team members with specific training and development to ensure everyone receives positive leadership experience and work with those who support the development and help them be at their best.

Achieve Together

Their work environment is stimulating and focuses on meeting the needs of their member co-ops, customers and consumers. Through their dedicated centres of excellence (e.g. Innovation, Marketing, Trading, Continuous Improvement), they aim to provide seamless and responsive customer service.

Additionally, Ornua encourage curiosity, innovative thinking and getting things done. They empower their people to take responsibility and make decisions.

They have a responsibility to customers and consumers to produce and deliver dairy products to the highest quality and standards. They work in partnership with member-suppliers in delivering on this promise, day in, day out.

Belong Together

Wherever global expansion may take the company, they will never forget their roots and values. Inclusivity, acceptance and respect for their colleagues brings team closer together. So, wherever they collaborate, they’re all proud of Ornua, and they do great things together.

Furthermore, hey have developed values and behaviours that give a nod to their roots, but also guide them towards future ambitions. They are also on a journey of diversity and inclusion to promote a culture that values a diverse workforce and supports equal opportunities for all employees.

They have developed a health and wellness programme globally called Spring, which promotes healthy bodies and happy minds. Spring helps with supporting employees’ health and wellbeing, ensuring they can be at their best every day.

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