Hello, I’m Angela – a qualified Career Development Professional, and I am passionate about helping people to navigate their job and career in a way that enables them to live the life they desire both personally and professionally.

I believe that we should not live to work, but work to live.

As dedicated and motivated as we can be in our jobs and careers, we also have a life to live, relationships to maintain, passions to discover and participate in, health and wellbeing to nourish, and basic everyday “adulting” tasks to complete!

A working day is long, but a working week is even longer. Life is very short, yet if you are spending your days, weeks, months and years working in jobs that are demotivating and lacking fulfilment, life will naturally feel very slow and lacking purpose.

If any of this resonates with you, maybe it’s time to make some changes? I can help you take that first step, along with as many of the various steps required along your journey to a happier working day in your career.

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