As Ireland Site Head and Vice President of Manufacturing at WuXi Biologics, Mr.Brendan McGrath is a well-recognized technical and managerial leader with more than 25 years of industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing experience.

Since joining WuXi Biologics in 2018, he has led its branch in Ireland, where the company plans to build a “factory of the future” and add 54,000 liters of capacity to the WuXi Biologics network.

When completed in 2021, it will be the largest single-use facility in the world and will supply biologics products to the United States and other global destinations. Mr. McGrath is a board member of WuXi Biologics Ireland Ltd and WuXi Vaccines Ireland Ltd.

Before joining WuXi Biologics, Mr. McGrath worked in various senior leadership positions including Plant Manager, Supply Chain Director and Operational Excellence Director for MSD, Schering Plough and Organon.

Mr. McGrath earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the National University of Galway.

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