StormHarvester Announce Jobs in Northern Ireland

StormHavester, a green-tech company based in Northern Ireland, has announced it will be hiring for 16 new roles. It will invest over £1.6 million in the region, helping it expand its exports to the US, Europe and Australia 

Through its flagside product, the Intelligent Sewer Suite, the firm draws on machine learning, hyperlocal rainfall forecasting and predictive analytics to manage and monitor assets in draining networks. The automated water management software platform also makes use of cloud-based tech to address flooding, water scarcity and sewage pollution.  

The company was founded in response to Australia’s Queensland floods in 2012. Its managing director and founder, Brian Moloney, was working as a civil engineer in the area at that time and subsequently went on to develop and test flood and water management prototypes with Queen’s Univesity in Belfast.  

Later on, StormHarvester took part in Invest Northern Ireland’s Propel Accelerator programme and the agency is supporting its current expansion with £153,400 in funding. Brian Moloney said: “Last year, Invest Northern Ireland’s R&D support helped us to develop our innovative green-tech system and win new business in the UK.” 

“Following on from this success, we have experienced further demand for our service and need to create 16 jobs to help keep up with demand, particularly with new international customers.” 

“Building strategic partnerships with leading drainage and water utilities companies is an important way for us to grow our business globally and Invest Northern Ireland has provided expert advice to help us build these connections to date.” 

“Our new team will include a mix of business development roles to build and maintain successful partnerships that will help us grow our global customer base, and technical roles to continue the development of our smart technology as our product roadmap evolves.” 

The new roles will increase StormHarvester’s team of two people to 18. They will include opportunities in software, civil engineering and marketing. Invest Northern Ireland’s southern regional manager, Mark Bleakney, has said that the jobs will contribute to over £800,000 in additional annual salaries for the local economy.  

He said: This is exceptional growth for such an early-stage company and the jobs will be a great boost for the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council area. This expansion will ensure that StormHarvester has the much-needed skills to strategically focus on exploring new markets and driving export growth.” 

To find out more about the opportunities available at StormHarvester, click here. 

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