Systems Approach to Careers – ‘The Matrix’ Field Guide

Our Manufacturing & Engineering Careers Fair kicks off 10am next week on Thursday, 7th April. In addition to employers within the sector looking to hire on the day our Virtual Recruitment platform will also host live webinars. Guest speaker, Fiona Fennell, will be giving her live talk, Systems Approach to Careers – ‘The Matrix Field Guide, at 1pm on the Agenda Stage. To catch all webinars and speak with recruiters don’t forget to register for FREE ACCESS to this online event right here.

Why do we need a systems approach?

The World of Work is changing apace and Careers as an dynamic element within it are responding. Like all systems, on the surface-level, we don’t have a complete picture of what is happening as deeper structures are what really drive behaviour.

We still have hierarchies (they keep things regular) but the status of the hybrid work-space is uncertain. ‘Jobs’ as we knew them are becoming more non-linear and work is shaping up like an intermesh of unique events/projects requiring increasingly granular skills.

We have less routinised tasks to do but also less down-time and more stakeholders to identify yet with fewer person-to-person and face-to-face interactions.

In this session, we will ask are some career loops broken and what new habits do we need in order to survive?

Why the Matrix?

  1. We all need a HERO – Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism
  2. ‘Zion’ and Manufacturing 4.0 are about man-machine alliances but what other partnerships do we need?
  3. We still have 3 killer app’s (i.e. cognitive tools) that separate Human from Artificial Intelligence – what are these and how do we use them daily?

Join us to find out more including who the real “Hero” is – ‘Neo’, ‘Trinity’, “G.I. Jane” (a.k.a. ‘Niobe’ or – You!

Fiona Fennell is an Organisation Behaviourist with 20+ years experience of career and critical skills coaching for professionals in the technology, pharma. and biologics sectors.

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