The Advantages of Virtual Recruitment

During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses needed to improvise and innovate in order to survive in a world where face-to-face encounters were put on hold.

Most sectors had to seek alternative ways to go about their business in order to survive. The recruitment industry was no exception. Ireland’s leading recruitment agency,, were quick off the mark to tackle the obstacles Covid put in front of them. Turning a problem into a challenge, they came up with an innovative solution that would guarantee their clients continued to benefit from’s first-class recruitment services.

The team at created Virtual Recruitment Ireland, an online service that allows companies and recruitment firms to meet high-calibre potential employees from around the country, or indeed the globe, without needing to leave their workspace. This new virtual recruitment platform brings a wide selection of top candidates to help businesses to find the staff they need.

Bronagh Cotter, CEO of & Virtual Recruitment Ireland is a strong believer that the virtual recruitment process brings a range of advantages to employers, their businesses and job-seekers.


“At, we’re all about making connections bringing together employers and employees. The virtual recruitment process is an ideal way to make these connections enabling employers to extend their reach for highly-skilled candidates and connect with them at the touch of a button.”


The virtual recruitment process also has the added benefit of reducing costs, saving businesses time and money. “Through our platform, businesses are making faster and more cost-effective hires at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional recruitment methods. The virtual recruitment process allows companies to screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time as well as speeding up the recruitment process as a whole. And If you are hiring new staff on a regular basis, virtual recruitment will save you a huge amount of money.”

Online Recruitment Fairs

A massive advantage of the move to a virtual recruitment platform, according to Bronagh, is the delivery of specialised online recruitment fairs for a variety of different industries, such as banking and financial services, the pharmaceutical and health sectors, engineering, construction and many more. “We use the latest in interactive chat technology that allows businesses to promote their company, chat with skilled candidates seeking new career opportunities, make high-quality connections and disseminate detailed information.”

It’s still early days, but all the signs are pointing to a boom in remote recruitment and talent-sourcing. As more and more of us become increasingly comfortable interacting online, the future of recruitment is out there in the virtual world – and Virtual Recruitment Ireland is leading the way.

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