Top tips to help you shine at a virtual jobs fair

COVID-19 culture has boxed us in. Forcing us to change our ways and find new solutions to adapt in a social distancing world. Event organisers are looking at new ways to connect with their audience and for recruiters it’s no different. However, where those in the entertainment and arts sectors might miss the communal experience and human touch of their events, recruiters and job seekers see the lack of human contact as a positive.

A virtual jobs fair gives the recruiters and attendees a lot more freedom in a more cost effective environment. At an online event you can simply log in from wherever you are as long as you have a phone, tablet or laptop and do not have to spend the entire the whole day around the event. No sitting in traffic, riding on public transport or spending money on a taxi.

Even though there’s a ton of pros for attending an online fair, there’s still plenty of room for preparation and hopefully these twelve tips will give you some perspective.

Pre- Event

1. Register today!

Register early and take a look around the platform to get familiar with the process. This will allow you time to see what companies are exhibiting and do some research on the candidates they’re seeking.

2. Research employers

After registering go straight to the exhibitor list and see what companies and jobs appeal to you and your experience. Some fairs will have job vacancies posted and will allow you to apply for them before the event begins.

3. Get your CV in order

Basic, but crucial to your advancement in any industry. No harm in revising your CV over and over again, Give to a friend to review. See if it’s concise and to the point so recruiters can review it quickly with no hassle or confusion.

4. Talk to yourself

Everyone is always nervous and apprehensive to speak. It’s best to practice your pitch out loud . Rehearse like your an actor prepping for a scene. Know your strengths and direct and sway the conversation. Run through introducing yourself, talking about the company, role your interested in, previous experience etc…

5. Double check your device is working

Whether you’ll be logging in from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone it is wise to make sure its features are working properly and adaptable to the event’s technology. A bigger screen is always better to get a clear picture of who you’re talking to. Test your sound with a conference call with a colleague or friend. Headphones are advisable so you can cut out any sound around you and hear the speaker correctly.

The Big Day!

1. Dress Appropriately

Although one of the perks of remote work is the lack of formal wear. However, it is advised not to log into a recruitment fair in your PJs. Events are mostly run through a chat room function, but there’s always the possibility that a recruiter may want to live chat via video. Am employer won;t be impressed to see a candidate scramble around their house to put a tie on.

2. Get as mentally comfortable as possible

You might have roommates or a busy household with kids. It would be wise to arrange a distraction and noise free environment during your time at the event. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to think clearly and concentrate on the career opportunities available to you.

3. Fight for you right to work!

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. You are in your comfort zone, your territory, the ball is in your court so push yourself to get the most information you can and express your drive and experience that recruiters will be attracted to.

4. Brush up on your industry lingo

Firstly, at these virtual events, written and oral communication is key to getting your point across. There’s little body language going, so make sure you come across as articulate. Secondly, depending on what sector you’re eager to work in, there’s no harm using terminology that will express to recruiters that you understand the ways of the industry.

5. Leave conversation with a follow up instructions

After talking with a recruiter, don’t hold back sending your CV and asking about the next steps in the process. Always remember to take the recruiters contact details so you can follow up for further feedback.


  • ¬†Reach out the next day with a thank you to the event organisers and any information they may have for future events.
  • Add recruiter to your LinkedIn, follow any of the company socials and sign up to newsletters so you can be kept in the loop.
  • Review your performance during the event. Is there anywhere you can improve on.


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