Virtual Recruitment Fairs: The 7 Benefits

The life changing virus that is COVID-19 has indeed caused the nine to fiver’s majority to work remotely since March. However, people were ahead of the curve and advocates of screen living way before the pandemic. Recruitment, in particular those who organise careers fairs, are having to adapt to the new format of Virtual Fairs. However, when event planners are happy with the platform and comfortable with their new technology, they can begin to relax and enjoy the benefits.

Forgetting about the nuisance of Coronavirus, here are 7 benefits to virtual recruitment fairs. These factors may convert you to the virtual side beyond this pandemic.

Easy access

“Where we’re going we don’t need roads”. Forget traffic, tolls, public transport, travel fare, congestion. Perhaps the biggest benefit of virtual events is the elimination of geography. Candidates and Employers can join from anywhere with the click of a button, making it easier to connect with ideal talent outside your immediate region. The whole day isn’t lost for participants who otherwise would have to take a day off work, cancel plans, spend hours travelling. Just need a laptop, tablet or phone and stable internet connection and you’re all set.

Cost savings

Except for the platform for hosting the event and whatever marketing campaign you have running to promote it, virtual fairs are the most cost effective recruitment avenues out there. No venue, travel, swag, print and extra staff costs.

Time Savings

Booking a venue event before the pandemic could prove tricky. Haggling prices and event trying to secure a date can be very difficult and time consuming.  Going virtual saves the organisers and attendees a huge amount of time and energy. Essentially, you could set up in one day and still get some numbers attending.


More connections

Even though you could technically set up a virtual event in one day, we do not recommend this as you want to give yourself and candidates time to browse the platform and view exhibitors. The benefit of online careers fairs is that it’s much easier for employers and candidates to connect before, during and after the live event.

Easily track ROI

Another perk of a virtual fairs is that you can review and rate the quality of candidates right from the event portal. You can continue a dialogue with candidates who you might not have gotten around to on the day. Furthermore, you can manage candidates by easily moving them to the next stage whether an interview or pipeline for later follow-up.

Improved recruitment marketing

Virtual career fairs enhance the potency of your marketing campaigns. You can reach out to candidates with simple notifications to your database.

Customized for your requisition

Finally, virtual career fairs enable you to create a custom recruiting experience for candidates you want to target. You can create and share content that corresponds  to the job seekers you are catering to. You can do this through customised FAQs, videos, overview, media and more. Every aspect of your virtual career fair can be designed to give candidates what they want Including a healthy dose of authenticity.


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