Your Coach, Aggie Pulfer, will be offering guidance for jobseekers at Virtual Recruitment Expo next month

Aggie Pulfer has joined Virtual Recruitment Ireland. She will be offering career guidance to jobseekers on Saturday, 21st November, from 10am to 4pm. Aggie is a seasoned coach, who has lent her skills and expertise at many Jobs Expo events in Dublin, Cork and Galway. Looking to develop your career? Register for our free online event today and speak with Aggie next month.

About Aggie

Aggie Pulfer is a business, career and personal coach, who works with job seekers, seasoned professionals and small business owners in Ireland and beyond. Aggie started her professional coaching practice in 2015. She has devoted her spare time to helping others implement positive changes and make the best of their lives. In addition, she’s still working full time and completing her Master’s Degree in Management and Personal Coaching at UCC.

With over 500 hours of coaching practice to date, several pieces of training and programs, engaging tools and assessments and unique personal approach, Aggie helps people prepare CVs, find jobs, get promoted and move workplaces regularly. Her work is values-based, people-centred and always tailored to individual needs.

If you would like to know more, please visit and get in touch.

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