27th August from 3pm – 8pm Online

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Virtual Recruitment Ireland is an online recruitment fair connecting jobseekers with companies and recruitment firms. Our virtual recruitment events bring attendees together with employers, HR and personnel professionals from top organisations across Ireland and around the world, allowing candidates to explore an array of career opportunities

27th August, 2020, Online at

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Why Choose Virtual Recruitment?

About Virtual Recruitment Expo

Virtual recruitment uses social media, online conferencing and recruitment techniques to find the perfect candidates for companies. HR managers can run virtual interviews with numerous prescreened candidates using our proprietary chat platform, providing a very efficient alternative to conventional recruitment.

Our virtual recruitment tools reduce your administrative burden and investment in time and resources by helping you to source and screen candidates with the right skills for your positions. This saves you time, resources and money and makes the recruitment process more efficient, reduces time spent recruiting and helps you build a database of solid candidates.

For companies that want to reach a diverse applicant pool or demonstrate their commitment as an “equal opportunity employer,” technology can actually help them to recruit across a much wider area. The same can be said about remote working options since this arrangement reduces or eliminates the physical commute.

For example, tools that enable chat-based virtual networking events and open houses allow employers to target job candidates from faraway places, helping to diversify the applicant pool. It can also help level the playing field between those applicants who have the opportunity to speak to a recruiter and those who would otherwise have to submit a resume without any personal contact.

Condense your recruitment process into short sessions and meet quality, prescreened candidates, seeking to apply for positions in your organisation.

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Meet employers, attend webinars, get career advice and browse great career opportunities from leading companies

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No time wasted! You’ll immediately see which companies offer jobs that match your profile and preferences.

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Attend our online careers fair from your laptop or smartphone and chat to employers from your home or office.

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