How to prepare engineering careers for ‘Employment 5.0’

Our Medtech Careers Fair will open its virtual doors from 10am on Thursday, 26th January. Don’t forget to create your profile, upload your CV and register for FREE ACCESS right here. In addition to recruiters looking to hire new talent, there will be a series of live webinars throughout the day that anyone can watch. At 1pm Ibec Engineering Skillnet Manager, Fiona Fennell, will deliver her talk, How to prepare engineering careers for ‘Employment 5.0’ on the Agenda Stage.

Webinar Summary

T-shaped engineers have the soft skills needed for the future-of-work, a more abstract and complex world. Fiona Fennell from the Engineering Skillnet will explain why ‘Employment 5.0’ differs from ‘Industry 4.0’, which transversal soft skills matter most and how T-shaped engineering can prepare themselves for “forever employability”, avoiding work burn-out and plateau-ed careers.

About Fiona

Fiona FennellFiona Fennell holds a Masters in Team-level Innovation and has worked in technical talent attraction, development and retention for over twenty years. She is interested in what the latest in cognitive science can teach us about learning and how to make our workplaces of the future human-centric i.e. safe, sustainable and generative. Blogs from the Engineering Skillnet will address high-impact learning, team and leadership development and how to nurture T-shaped talent.

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